Choosing The Right Interior Designer in kottayam to Inject a Little Luxury Into Your Project

What do you look for in an interior design? The most expensive items money can buy, from large, overpriced stores? Or a personal space created from little pieces of genuine beauty and fine craftsmanship? Luxury design is not about buying a whole room out of a fancy magazine; it’s about gently building up layers of colour, texture and personality that come together in a symphony of exquisite taste.

Whether you’re decorating a house, apartment, yacht or gym, luxury design requires the extra mile when it comes to your interior designer. Look through their portfolio: is their previous experience on the same level that you are looking for? If you’re working with a commercial space, for example an hotel, will their work fill it well, with plenty of luxury in the detailing?

At a time when finances are a worry for many of us, we’re asking more than ever from our home design products. We want to know who made it, where it was made, where the materials came from..when it comes to home design, the devil is always in the detail. Being able to rely on an experienced home designer gives you access to background information on items that catch your eye for your home design.

What makes the difference between a good home designer and an interior designer in kottayam is this attention to detail. If you’re going for a Grecian-themed pool room, have him source your tiles from Greece. If you want to reinstate period-style features in a restored property, ask your home designer to investigate luxury hand-made or reclaimed materials that will look the part and fit in with their surroundings. Luxury home design is about going the extra mile and sourcing only the best.

Cheaper reproductions and factory-made materials can save you money, but you’ll also reduce the feeling of luxury in your home. It’s often possible to fake a veneer of quality, but everyone – even those not familiar with luxury home design – can feel the difference when they enter a room. However, projects where the designer is determined to splash around as much money as possible – in the mistaken belief that money is all it takes – are doomed. Indeed, if your interior designer picks up a hand-made lamp in Marrakech for a fraction of what it would cost from a luxury boutique shop, he is supporting local craft and giving you a piece of culture. Luxury interior design is always about what is real, not what is expensive.

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