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Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms Kottayam

What We Do

Modular Kitchen

Kitchen’s are one of the most popular rooms of the home to renovate and going through the process is expensive and requires a lot of decisions. Food, dreams and wishes are prepared-the dream of every women to provide nothing but the best for her family and the wishes of a family to eat something scrumptious with special homely flavour. Id3 interiors, Modular Kitchen Designers in Kottayam equipped with all the modular setting that can be customised to suit your life and appetite in a never experience before manner

Furniture & Budget planning

Furniture layout-creating a unique space demands proper consideration regarding the furniture to be placed. the place where you set the furniture is decisive factor determining the tone of a room, we have a young creative experts who start the process with multiple furniture layout options from which you can choose the one you find suiting your need and taste the best.

We understand that budget is a covern for one and all, therefore our team inquires to you in details about the amount you are planning to spend ,priorities you have and in the areas where you would prefer to compromise for price cutting ,based on that we plan in light of your budget.

Sketches & Material selection

Detailed 2d drawings that exact illustrates every nook and corner of the building is made. This gives the team precise idea about how the whole scenario will look like. Their feedback is received and alterations if needed are made before proceeding further.

The material you select is of huge importance, its brand quality and pricing matters a lot. We make you available with huge pool of options to choose from based on your requirement and budgetary limitations.

3D Presentation & Production and Installation

A complete 3d presentation is provided to the customers in which they will be experiencing the visuals just as in case of a finished work, before the project starts, comprehensive idea requiring the work will be communicated so that no hassles will be encountered in future

Project will be completed with in 5-30 working days from the date of finalisation and handing over the warranty card after the installation.

About Us


Home is where your hear is, hence everybody wants a home that is comfortable and luxurious as per ones own taste and has a distinct “homely” feeling to it. This leads to the importance of interior design and interior designer. Id3 interiors with a flair for understanding the space constraints and requirements, armed with a hardworking team of highly qualified interior designers. Gradually id3 interiors confirms the position as the leading interior designer in kottayam.

  • Premium Quality Material
  • |
  • Extremely good finishes
  • |
  • Timely Delivery

  • Lowest and Affordable Rates
  • |
  • Fireplaces and specialty features

  • Using high quality accessories like hettich ,faber/kaff

  • Furniture plans
  • |
  • Reflected ceiling plans

  • Electrical/lighting plans
  • |
  • Custom-designed millwork

  • Built-ins, kitchen, and bath cabinetry
  • |
  • Tile drawings and ceiling designs

Best Interior Designers Team

Best Interior Designers Team in Kottayam

We are a team of Interior Designers, Project Managers, supervisors, 3D Artists, Architects, Skilled Labour& Unskilled Labour ably supported by our Marketing Consultants and support staff. We work as a team to achieve our goal of transforming lives by transforming spaces.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

Dining Rooms Interior Designs

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Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) Does interior design include furniture?

While some interior designers take up only the designing, some help you pick the furniture and decor as well. If you want a hassle-free experience, then check for a designer who can supervise the entire work from procurement of furniture and decor, carpentry work for the kitchen and wardrobes along with installation.

2) What is the difference between interior designer and interior architect?

The Difference between an Interior Architect and Interior Designer. Simply put, an interior architect designs building interiors & space planning while an interior designer focuses on the actual furnishing and decoration of an interior. This takes a lot of skill and careful consideration throughout the design process.

3) What To Know Before You Hire An Interior Designer in kottayam?

a) Know Your Budget Before Hiring A Designer
b) Set A Timeline For Your Project.
c) Research Local and Online Interior Design Companies.
d) Figure Out Your Interior Design Style.
e) Before You Hire An Interior Designer Gather Inspiration.
f) Know about the pricing of your interior design company.

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